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Friday, March 2, 2007

what people are saying about OlbermannWatch's demise

Looks like I'm not the only one who busted out the champagne yesterday - the recent closure of OlbermannWatch appears to be echoing throughout the blogosphere and the celebration is loud.

Here are some highlights from the comment sections.

From The Raw Story...

"his assault on the journalistic standards we hold dear,"

What "journalistic standards?" Mud-slinging, wingnut propaganda, half-truths, full lies and anti-democratic proto-fascist drumbeating?

Keith Olbermann speaks truth to power. The right can try and vilify him as some kind of leftist kook if they wish, but the fact is that he has demonstrated fealty to the Constitution (which neocons seem to disdain), accountability and excels in calling out these cretins on their lies. There is a very good reason why his viewership is up, up, up and that Countdown is the most frequently 'TiVo'ed program of all.

This country is NOT as inherently 'conservative' the the right would have you believe; we never have been.

Congratulations, Keith on your 4 year renewal. To Robert Cox, STFU.


"Journalistics standards that we all hold so dear?" That is EXACTLY what Keith - AND ONLY KEITH - has been doing. I am sorry that Mr. Cocks believes that the heads at Fox Noise Channel are journalists but Olbermann is the new and much-needed Edward R. Murrow of our times. Now if we can just get Fox Noise to shut down we can bring back journalistic integrity for good!


Olbermann Watch - now that's a laugh - What is with these right wing nut jobs. I mean they really just don't get it.

Olbermann is speaking truth to power like nobodies business. The only reason he's a threat is because he exposes their lies and distortions in the context of reality which they can not stand to have pointed out to them because they are disingenuous retarded snobs.

The "right" thinks they are fighting for something when the very thing they claim to be against is what they are.

The only real explanation for their thuggery is that in their denial they are simply projecting that which about themselves they can not face head on.

What else can account for the tragedy of opposites that seem to flow from their mouths like a river of ineptitude and lack of moral accountability.

Cox closed down his sight because it was irrelevant. His fake crusade to hold up the pillar of journalistic integrity is and always was a huge joke.


These are the same morons who think that FOX isn't a propaganda machine. Listening to Olbermann is like getting much needed oxygen.


I used to post on the site, but quit after the elections. I felt the site was irrelevant at that point. The analyses by Johnny Dollar and Robert Cox were so moronic, even a three year old could rebut their arguments. No offense to three year olds.


Hey Robert Cox...listen up...


From Daily Kos...

And their parting shot is that they take credit for the increase in ratings. Long may their egos wave.


I think it was actually one lonely dude in his parents' basement.

In fact, I visited the blog once, and after reading one particularly odious posting, I left a comment that said something like, "I bet your parents are so proud of you. In fact, I bet your mother is upstairs baking you cookies right now."

So does this guy live, like, in an alternate reality? One where Olberman's ratings are tanking? One where Bush's approval ratings are 85%, and where the Republicans have routed Congress, due to our breathtaking success in Iraq?

In other words, do he and Dick Cheney share the same dimension?

Notice that the OlbermannWatch had nothing to recommend itself, it wasn't sharp and witty, no sense of humor, etc., it fell down trying to fight truth, just the way it should be. I'm pleased that Olbermann's numbers are increasing.


screw you guys... Eric Cartman ... webmaster at ... who knew?



How I love this kind of transparent shit.

Oh, my, yes!

Some defunct right-wing fucking-nutjob website is ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for Keith's success, and all hundredfortyleventhousand of the site's contributers (read "one guy") have decided to pull the plug.

This reminds me of every troll who ever got caught being a troll and said "Thank you all who wrote me off-site with your letters of support."

May I reiterate ... HA@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


How I will miss jonnydollar and robert cox

I used olbermannwatch as a form of political pornography on occasion.

What will they do with themselves, or each other, now?

They (he?) really thinks that this website caused Olbermann's ratings to rise? I don't think I've ever witnessed such blatant self-aggrandizement and delusions of grandeur...


Well, for me it's been about 30 seconds - the time it took me to read this diary. Never heard of the site or its "entire staff" (of thousands, no doubt), and to be honest, I'm glad I hadn't.

Perhaps - going out on a limb here - their site wasn't really the driving force behind Olbermann's popularity? It might have been the content of the TV show itself?

What an entire staff of wankers.