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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cox Now Thinks He Rules The Internet

someone out there appears to have wized up to the evil one.

A great site called Making Light has a great roundup on Cox.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Now's Our Chance!

Olbermann Watch has opened up the comments section and supposedly the evil one will allow pro-KO commenters to register.

I don't know if I have the stomach for becoming a commenter but I am going to think about.

I hate to say it but GO HERE to register if can take it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Olbermann Watch Shows True Colors with Commenter Ban

If you listed to the inmates running the asylum over at ow they will well you that they put in their new comment registration system to weed out trolls but the reality is quite obvious - they've only allowed ONE commenter to register who will dare criticize them and even that commenter "MikeH" is so inept at making an argument that it raises the very real possibility that MikeH is not even a real person but just a sock puppet created by ow to create the appearance of a progressive point of view on the site probably taking their cue from Alan Colmes on foxnoise. Here at wow we have REAL freedom of speech where the fascists are free to spout their nonsense, all the better to show just what kind of people these wingnuts really are.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tip Jar Time: Daily Kos Exposes Olbermann Watch!

Kevin Holsinger at Daily Kos has a brilliant diary which warns Keith of something we've known for a long time - that Cox is like Captain Ahab stalking Keith like an obsessive maniac. Great piece!

OW Flogs Bogus Tax Story

The disgraceful Rupert Murdoch has joined forces with the jerks at Olbermann Watch to go after Keith on a ridiculous "tax warrant" story because Keith owes $2,000 for an old tax bill. Give me a break. And they managed to dupe Huffington Post to running the story too. Good grief.

Friday, February 29, 2008

What could NPR be thinking?


I was listening to NPR yesterday as I often do and could hardly believe my ears. For some unfathomable reason NPR put Cox on the air as a so-called "blog expert" on Talk of the Nation. I can only hope that Neil Conan was not aware of just who Cox really is when his producers decided to put Cox on his show otherwise I will have lost all respect for Neil, a man I have come to admire over the years for his insightful, polite yet probing interview style.

Unsurprisingly Cox is gloating about his NPR appearance on OW and being quoted in some online news sites. Pathetic.

NPR's Talk of the Nation
Mac News World
PBS Media Shift

Supposedly PBS and NPR are LIBERAL????? Give me a break!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Colors!

After Becky at ERT graciously linked us we got two new comments and decided it was time to pay attention to the site again.

We've added some cool elements to the site including a random collection of Keith Special Comments on YouTube and other doo dads. There is a poll where you can vote on the new color. If everyone hates it I might consider green.

I have not looked at Olbermann Watch in a while but reading through the comments it sounds like Cox is back to his fascist ways. He has been banning anyone who criticizes the usual suspects and then bans anyone who complains about the banning. Sound familiar?

I have not lost a wink of sleep deleting over 10,000 troll comments so you can imagine that I won't be terribly bothered to wipe out every comment you ever made on this site and banning any IP addresses you've ever used on this site

What has to be really driving the wingnuts at OW crazy is that our beloved Keith is now blogging at Daily Kos and getting more comments in one post then Olbermann Watch gets in a week. Keep it up Keith.

Tip of the Day: Colorado Bob has a link to Countdown Podcasts for PC, iTunes or Zune. Cool!