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Friday, March 9, 2007

Looks Like We're Back in Business

In yet another example of irresponsible blogging, Robert Cox has re-launched OlbermannWatch.

As we suspected all along, and as I said last week, Cox could not be trusted to tell the truth.

I'd like to think that Bob Cox and his gang saw the proverbial light - that they realized bullying, misinformation, name-calling, etc. was not only wrong, but a shining example of the most irresponsible misuse of the blogosphere as a conduit of information and creator of community.

Does Cox think he is humorous pretending to quote Winston Churchill. Is it a lame attempt to mock our use of a photo of Winston Churchill in our Victory post?

We have a simple solution. Go right back to what we announced on January 30th when we launched Watching OlbermannWatch:

In a recent article from the American Journalism Review, Mark Lisheron wrote:

It's all right there for everybody to see at olbermannwatch, he says. It certainly appears from examining the site that anything Olbermann has ever said or done is reproduced there. The problem is that no one yet has started a to sift the wheat of his truth from the chaff of his opinion. Like many bloggers, Cox laments the demise of objective journalism while offering up opinion, in this instance right-wing, along with fact.

Bob Cox and his minions do not worry themselves with little details like "facts." They traffic in anti-Olbermann marketing.

It's time that someone stepped up and called them out on it.

That time is now.

All we have to say to Cox and his minions is "Game On!"