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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Far-right double standard revealed

In an interview with The Portland Press-Herald, Robert Cox again reveals clear right-wing partisan bias in blogger coverage of the Libby trial.

From the interview:

"There was a concern from the professional journalists that somehow some offhand comment would wind up going up on a blog and go worldwide and embarrass someone," Cox said. "This touches on one of the major issues that got raised for the bloggers, which is: How do we function when part of what we're there to cover is the media's coverage of the event?"

So, which journalists would the far-right Cox be willing to embarrass?

Journalists like MSNBC's Davis Shuster who just so happens to be a correspondent for Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

No surprise from the right-wing Media Bloggers Association.

A Portland Press-Herald reader who has had their own experiences with Cox and his far-right outfit commented on the story with a link to a blog documenting threats Cox has made against innocent people in Maine. Why are we not surprised?

We are going to test commenting by allow comments on this post. If you have your own experiences with Cox please post a comment (with links).


Anonymous said...

Eat Shit and Die.

PAUL said...

Robert cox is a genius! First, he has you libs convinced that he had to close down the site because Olby got a contract and that OW wasn't doing it's job and you all believed it!

Then, when entering the site, there was simply a photo of a road kill that you didn't know was a POSSUM!! You didn't get this either!

But his real genius is that closing down the site for a few days got ENORMOUS (and I mean ENORMOUS) publicity from hundreds of left nut sites and chances are that a good portion of the readers nmver even knew the great OLBERMANN WATCH existed. Now they do!!

Robert Cox is a genius!!

Anonymous said...

I just got an another angry email from him...this time addressed to ME. But he ws angry at YOU.

When Cox was angry at me, he threatened my girlfriend. When he was angry at you, he threatened me...


Anonymous said...

I think it's hysterical, and quite sad, that Cox has re-launched that which he deemed "did more harm than good." Talk about cowardice of convictions... Pathetic. Keep watching that obtuse moron make a fool of himself and reporting on it here, so we don't have to witness his blog train-wreck first hand. Great work!

Unknown said...

2 months into allowing posts and you have a whopping 5 and no updates for 2 months, either. Keep up the good "work."