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Friday, February 29, 2008

What could NPR be thinking?


I was listening to NPR yesterday as I often do and could hardly believe my ears. For some unfathomable reason NPR put Cox on the air as a so-called "blog expert" on Talk of the Nation. I can only hope that Neil Conan was not aware of just who Cox really is when his producers decided to put Cox on his show otherwise I will have lost all respect for Neil, a man I have come to admire over the years for his insightful, polite yet probing interview style.

Unsurprisingly Cox is gloating about his NPR appearance on OW and being quoted in some online news sites. Pathetic.

NPR's Talk of the Nation
Mac News World
PBS Media Shift

Supposedly PBS and NPR are LIBERAL????? Give me a break!!!


Anonymous said...

Any idea what is going on over at Olbermann Watch at the moment? Last week, there was much hoopla about weeding out the trolls (to Cox = anyone who doesn't parrot his own political views). A new system was supposedly put into place on Thursday, with a dramatic test message from the ever reliable lapdog "Sharon". Now, I am not able to access.

Rex Zeitgeist said...

Wow, another blog dedicated to a the 10 lbs of shit squeezed into a 2 lb bag, Olbertwirp......Where do these idiots come from?

Nice, keep repeating uber left, anti American, talking points moron......

A blog to the Baghdad Bob on the left.....very nice....

Gee, I wonder if Olbermann is going to stalk 'BillO' this week, I bet I will be suprised.....