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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thanks to Becky over at BloggingOlbermann

We noticed a nice surge in traffic the other day thanks to Becky over at

Seems she got a bit of notoriety when Playboy asked her to write a letter about Keith's wonderful interview in the magazine a few months ago. Those clowns over at Olbermann Watch are now denying it but there is no doubt they were behind the letter writing campaign to Playboy just to make Keith look bad. Becky called them on it. Good for her. You go girl!!!


Anonymous said...

So you like Countblow with Keith Olbersuck? You look like his type. Bite me monkey clown.

Anonymous said...

Olberman, I turn him off. What disturbs me is the thought that Americans are drawn to his pure anti-patriotic crap. Zero solutions, but he certainly will help the ignorant point the finger. He is views are never argued by a intelectual because he cherry picks his interviews.

Anonymous said...

Look at the trailer trash trying to leave comments up there. Give it up fools...go back to "oberman watch".

What took WOW so long to come back? I was about to delete the bookmark, and here you are again! Don't let it fall so far behind this time.